What is Your Definition of Health?

Everyone has their own unique definition of the term “health.” For some, it means being free from disease or disability; for others, it could mean making lifestyle changes to achieve optimal wellbeing. What ever the definition, it’s clear that everyone can agree that “health” encompasses more than just physical well-being.

Maintaining physical and mental wellbeing requires a healthy diet, regular exercise, good hygiene practices and medical help. Additionally, it’s wise to be prepared in case of an emergency such as heart attack or stroke.

One of the most essential ways you can increase your chances for living a long and fulfilling life is maintaining a high level of health literacy. This involves learning the knowledge needed to protect and promote both your own wellbeing, as well as that of those closest to you.

Most importantly, you must recognize that being healthy is an ongoing journey – you must be willing to make changes in your lifestyle, attitude and behavior in order to reach your desired outcomes.

Finally, you must put forth effort to sustain those changes. This can be accomplished through regular self-care activities such as exercising regularly, eating healthily and getting enough rest each night.

To achieve optimal health, make exercising and eating nutritious meals a habit, along with getting adequate rest each night. So when you feel tempted to reach for that can of soda, remember that the best medicine for your wellbeing lies in an active lifestyle: balanced meals, regular exercise, and adequate rest.